Posture Corrector for Back helps prevent slouching

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Muscle pain relief

The coronal and lumber section of the frontal plane maintains the gravity balance of the body, reduces the burden on the muscles, corrects and relieves pain, and bad postures would cause sore necks and shoulders, and even headaches.

The role of protection

Wearing is comfortable and breathable, can be applicable to all including men and women, young and old, it can play a good role in correcting the back. Applicable to those workers with pain in back and shoulder due to long time standing, sitting or keeping of the same posture.

Easy to adjust and wear.

Universal size, easy to wear, without any help, you can take off and wear a pose corrector by yourself

Size Chart:

Large:  Suitable for weight between: 60-90KG

XL: Suitable for weight between: 90-100KG


Package included:

1 x Back Corrector