Wooden Foot & Body Reflexology/Acupressure Massage Tool

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This wooden foot and body massage tool has been specially designed for reflexology and acupressure treatments to relieve muscle soreness and relax the body.


1. Regulating micro-circulation, mental relaxation, improve motor function.
2. Regulate local heat, relax muscles, relieve stress.
3. Stimulate blood flow to help remove blood from the effect of pain and fatigue factor.
4. Relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
5. Shu points and meridians, and the combination can be effective in promoting blood flow, improve micro circulation, inhibit cancer cell growth and the elimination of excess body fat deposition.

The Five Shu Points are situated in the peripheral part of each meridian , below elbows and knees. Traditionally , these points are the places where the Qi of channels is transferred and each of them corresponds to one of the five elements.

Colour: As the picture show
Size:1.5*12cm (0.59'' X 4.72'')

Package includes: 1Pc massage tool